SEO: Improve Search Results and Increase Website Traffic

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, means building your website per popular search engine (aka Google) recommendations. While Google's specific algorithms are secret, Google generally tells the world exactly what it's looking for when ranking search results.

It's easy to get the idea SEO is some sort of hocus-pocus or dark magic, but it's actually just takes straight-forward, time-intensive, research-driven, informed hard work. 

Market Research

Knowing a market - the industry, the competitors, and the audience - is essential to good SEO. Every SEO project starts with a broad familiarization with a company's market landscape, which informs all the following steps.

Establishing Benchmarks and Goals

SEO progress and accomplishments are objective and measurable. You can see changes in rankings and traffic over time. We will establish a baseline and track your progress so your return on investment is very clear.

Strategic Copywriting and Site Organization

Good website copy is bilingual: it speaks fluently and elegantly to both search engines and real people. We help pull out your core message and tailor it to make sure it is a magnet for real people and web content crawlers alike. 

Building Relationships with Strong Partners

Strong businesses and their websites build relationships with competitors, complementary businesses and their local communities. These relationships have a direct and essential role in SEO; we can help you identify opportunities and take advantage of assets sitting right under your nose.

Being Honest, Following the Rules

Good SEO stands the test of time, which means it follows commonly accepted internet guidelines and doesn't cut corners. We never use "black hat" short-term gain techniques that will eventually get you into trouble.