Custom Photography: Visuals That Tell Your Story

Websites need visual stimuli. Whether you use photography or illustration, visual content tells your story quickly, innately, and immediately. 


Fairly or not, we humans put great value in first impressions, and nothing is more immediate than the images we present to our audiences. A quality headshot succinctly captures the essence of you or your staff in a single, sharp image. The impact is both instant and invaluable, creating an emotional, intuitive user response that lasts over time. 


Environmental photographs capture you and/or your staff, customers, and partners in your actual business environment.

Why Not Use Stock Photography?

1. Stock Photography Generally Fails

Yes, you CAN use stock photography for your website. But do you really want to? It sounds like a good deal... it's certainly seems easier. But in reality (and I know from experience), the results tend to be poor. Some specific reasons stock photos don't work:

  • It's really difficult to find images that convey the exact message you want.
  • Stock images (especially low-cost ones) look "stocky." Because stock photographers try to shoot images that can apply to many different audiences, they end up looking generic. You can feel it, and so can your audience.
  • Stock images don't tell an authentic story about your business. 

2. Custom Photography Builds Trusting Relationships

When your website features real images of you and your business, your audience can tell.